• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


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We must not rest content on our glorious past and be complacent. The leisurely work is a thing of the past. A drastic change has taken place in the field of education … With the arrival of computers, the very nature and concept of teaching have irreversibly changed. We are much far-off from what is desirable in the changing scenario because of globalization and the difficulties that our students are likely to face in life in the next 15-20 years. Very-very hard days are ahead and the students must be well trained, educated so that they can outperform in the difficult times that are to come. There is no doubt that ‘Competition’ is going to be the critical word in this present day scenario.
I am confident that our students are fully competent and ever eager to step out in this new world order. It is a matter of pride that our students are outperforming their competitors all around the world. Let our students go out in the professional world armed with knowledge as well as values like care, concern, and compassion. Their knowledge will take them to the greatest heights achievable by man and their human approach will help them in attaining heights unimaginable by man.
I send my blessings.
I wish a bright future to all.



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