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Principal Photo Dear Students

“Strength does not come from Wining, your Struggles develop Strength. When
you go through Hardship and decide not to Surrender, that is Strength”

We at Chirawa College, ‘The most reputed Institution in Shekhawati region’ encourages students to become active learners who regulate their learning through reflection and evaluation.

A major goal of teaching is to help students to become independent thinkers who can analyse information and view situations from different perspectives. Our highly experienced and qualified staff is committed to making constant and arduous endeavours towards the progress of the college under the able guidance of Somany Education Trust.

Our College has all the requisite modern infrastructure that is considered essential for imparting good education including a fully equipped Computer centre, Library, Labs, Wi-Fi campus, RO Water-Plant, Soundproof DG Set, Parking facility, huge Playground and every classroom is being observed with CCTV cameras.

“A helping hand is better than a praying hand.” To develop this sense of humanity and empathy in the students, the college provides facilities like NCC., NSS, rover Scouting. Educational institutions are not only the centres for imparting academics but also exploring and honing the talent and skills of the students. To increase the knowledge of students in the areas essential for their future growth, the college not only to thrive on the academic challenges but also to relish on other spheres of life.

We welcome you all, come and join us in this holy mission of quality education.

Wishing each one of you a very happy and prosperous life ahead…

Richa Kulshrestha


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