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Dear students,
The prospectus for the year 2018-19 of the Chirawa College Chirawa is in your hand, with this you are likely to enter a new world of higher education. The realization of an individual’s potential is one of the basic aims of education. During your protected environment of school, your teachers helped you in the development of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills which form the essence of holistic growth. Positive attitudes, self-esteem, self-image, goal setting, and values are intrinsic in the process of development. We at Chirawa College make every effort to further strengthen these personality traits in the students through our Curricular and Co-Curricular programs.

I feel extremely honored and privileged in being Vice President of the college managing committee. I feel a sense of pride in mentioning that our management has a wide range of functions. They include governance based on the principal of participation and transparency, governance that facilitates the accomplishment of its mission and purpose, clear identification and demarcation of responsibilities, providing effective leadership with requisite authority and autonomy to manage the institution and maintaining academic integrity in the institution’s educational programs.

More than four generations of Chirawa and neighboring Shekhawati region, students have passed out from our college and many of them are the leading lights in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Business, and Industry. A very large number of them are self-employed and in higher echelons of Govt. jobs.

At the National level, our College has been accredited and graded as B+ by NAAC among UGC recognized colleges. Keeping in view the demand of parents we have opened a separate wing for girls.

Today we are standing amidst a world of problems and challenges since education is the panacea of social ills and evils, the role of higher education institution has become much more important than what it used to be.

We would love to see our students flourish by leaps and bounds without pruning their delicate leaves. Your dreams contain the power to transform mediocrity into magnificence.

“What we are is a God’s gift to us what we become is our gift to God”
You are welcome in the Chirawa College family.


Dr.Rajendra K. Somany
Vice President
Managing Committee


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