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 D.G. Set

College has the facility of Soundproof DG Set (30KVA). All classrooms, Library, Laboratories & Girlswing are connected with DG Set.

Bio Matrix

Bio-Metric Attendance System

College has installed bio-metric attendance system. All the teaching and non-teaching staff members  register their attendance through bio-metric system regularly.

R.OR.O. Water & Water Coolers-

The management has installed a R.O. Water Plant and a new water cooler also. Students can drink pure and clean R.O. Water in the College premises.

Parking PhotoParking Facility-

College has enough space specifically for parking. Students should park their two wheelers in the parking area. Vehicles should not be parked outside the college boundary.

CCTV CamersCCTV Cameras-

The whole college campus is being watched by CCTV Cameras. All the class rooms, Labs and Library are being recorded by CCTV Cameras. So please be careful, any action can be taken against indiscipline.

Smart class1Smart class2

Smart Class:-

The education sector has seen a noticeable increase in educational standards, advancement and innovations in recent years. We at Chirawa College, Chirawa have begun to adoptmodern teaching methods through Smart Class. The smart technology helps teachers to turn boring lectures into an engaging session with enhanced and interactive learning experiences and easy access to online resources.


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