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This institution was founded by Seth Sh. Mahadevji Somany of Chirawa in 1913 as a Primary School to propagate English teaching among the children of Shekhawati region. Sh. Mahadevji Somany who had established his business in Calcutta realized that no one could really progress without the knowledge of the official language i.e. English. His progressive-minded Son-in-law Sh. Ghanshyam Dasji Birla persuaded him to start a school with facilities for teaching English. At that time there was not even a single school in the whole of Shekhawati area imparting English teaching. Sh. Mahadevji Somany, looking at the educational backwardness of the people, in a philanthropic gesture opened the school, and to encourage students to get enrolled, he gave monthly stipend of Re. 1/- to the families willing to send their wards to the school and also provided sweets and food to the students. And thus, on August 14, 1913, Chirawa School was established with two Gurus and one English teacher and initial enrolment of 6 students. The institution was doing the most useful work in the educationally backward area of  Shekhawati. It gave a new turn in the field of service of humanity by providing the lead for opening philanthropically maintained modern secular educational institutions instead of building just Temples, Dharamshalas or Sanskrit Pathshalas, etc. The interest of the town was foremost in the mind of the founder and as such the institution was named after the town and not after the founder’s name or the community to which he belonged. The institution right from its inception not only adopted but also maintained secular character as it allowed Harizans and Muslims to sit and study with other students about 98 years ago, despite the fact that the orthodox people of the area opposed it vehemently, branded it as an anti-religious step but Sh. Murlidharji Somany with his dynamic personality and power of persuasion soon won over all the opponents. This tradition has been continuing ever since. This institution has also maintained non-political character as it keeps itself untouched and uninfluenced by any political ideology or political party although it gives due respect to all.

The primary school “Chirawa School” was raised as middle school in 1919. The school upgraded as a High School in 1925. It was affiliated to the Board of High School & Intermediate Education United Provinces, Allahabad. The school was raised to an Intermediate College in 1950. And it became a full-fledged Degree College in 1958 during the second five-year-plan period, affiliated to the University of Rajasthan. Degree classes were started in Arts and Commerce in July 1958. In July 1961 the first year of T.D.C. in Science was also started and the college became a full-fledged degree college, having all the faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce. From 2002, biology and different P.G. Diploma courses started and from the Session-2006, the college promoted as Post-graduate College.


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